Happy Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and like every year it’s an important day for us. We usually roll out changes during this day that brings happiness around our users and this year we want to add something new to the list.

Besides the updates rolled out in the past few weeks that fixed many bugs and the various updates from the User Feedback area of our forum, many times we have been asked to keep everyone updated more frequently on our roadmap, and this little platform is a great chance to our users to check by time to time what’s going on.

Roadmap summary

In the following months, we will finish the port to V5 for TF2. We have been working on it for a while now and the product is getting way better compared to now, but many features still require a revamp (we will publish some clips and screenshots in a future post).
There are plans to bring back BF products as well, and then the rest of the products too.

Obviously, if any new videogames get published during 2021 that gets our user’s attention, we will momentarily prioritize our time for rolling out a product for that game.

There are also some website updates coming as well, but since we are prioritizing our products it’s unknown when to expect them. But trust me, it will be a nice touch.

Besides this roadmap summary, stay tuned for the following post in the next weeks as we will keep posting here regularly.


To conclude this post; we can’t thank enough everyone for the support. It’s fuel for the motivation to continue in what we do and never stop.
We hope all of you a fantastic 2021, rich with personal improvements and of course a year full of joy at destroying nerds on videogames!

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